The sound of falling snow

“Sur la musique du silence dansent les flocons blancs, qui se balancent et qui s’en vont tisser une douce couverture pour la terre qui s’endort sur la musique du silence. Dansent, dansent les flocons blanc” Jacqueline Mériot

The best sound in the world for me is the sound of falling snow…that moment when hush descends and everything around becomes layered with lyrical inspiration. The snow dances slowly and we see just a glimpse of what was there before….something whispering through. Flake upon flake we are wrapped in a garland of snow. You know time moves slower when snow falls…I love the world in slow motion sometimes and a whiteout gives exactly that feeling.



Oil on canvas

70 x 70cm


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70 x 70 cm oil on canvas

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